Self-Optimisation & self-ConfiguRATion in wirelEss networkS

Expected Impact

Bringing together a well suited, strong consortium of two of the world’s largest equipment vendors (Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks), a leading mobile operator (Vodafone), an SME developing support tools for network planning and operations (Atesio) and three renowned research organisations (IBBT, TNO ICT and TU Braunschweig) with a proven record in successful cooperation with the mobile industry, the SOCRATES project has a great opportunity to achieve considerable impact.

• The SOCRATES project will influence global standardisation, by developing solutions for standardised measurements, new or adapted interfaces and new or modified protocols sup-porting self-organisation functionalities.

• SOCRATES will reinforce European industrial leadership by contributing to European dominance in the development of world-wide standards, by creating a ‘head start’ in the development of self-organising features for radio networks and support tools, and in providing high-level consultancy. In addition, the strong partnership will create stronger synergies between various sector actors and contribute to new business models.

• The findings from the consortium will create new industrial and business opportunities within the management and control area of existing and future networks, and will have several important spin-offs, e.g. towards the development of new services with a reduced time-to-market.